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Venetian Blinds Near San Marcos | Blinds & Shades Oceanside

Venetian Blinds

Customer Issue: Mr. Adams wanted affordable blinds that would have a simple build that matched his bathrooms and provided privacy.
Our Solution: We made several different recommendations and discussed them with Mr. Adams to find what would best suit his needs. Venetian blinds were determined to be the most fitting due to their ease of use and straightforward nature. They also had capabilities perfect for being in a bathroom, such as being unharmed by humidity or water.

Moses Adams - San Marcos
Blackout Curtains | Tri-City | Oceanside, CA

Blackout Curtains

Customer Issue: Mr. Barnett wanted to ensure his living room could completely close out the sun as needed for watching TV without any glare.
Our Solution: Not only would curtains give a flowing, bigger feeling to the large space, but the blackout options would make certain that the customer could enjoy his television in peace without any light creeping in. This was agreed to, and our technicians measured the windows to create perfectly fitting new curtains that were then installed.

Vernon Barnett - Tri-City
Motorized Drapes in Carlsbad | Blinds & Shades Oceanside, CA

Motorized Drapes

Customer Issue: A penthouse suite undergoing redecoration needed some classy and convenient new window coverings.
Our Solution: Four sets of long, royal purple and gold-trimmed ceiling-to-floor wool drapes made up the centerpiece of this order. Our team had convenient power couplings to work with in each room, so installing the electric motors, sensors, and remote control systems was finished quickly.

Annette Tremaine - Carlsbad
Motorized Cellular Shades in Encinitas | Blinds & Shades Oceanside, CA

Motorized Cellular Shades

Customer Issue: Mr. Towne wanted cost-effective insulating shades for his bedroom window, to help keep his energy bills low.
Our Solution: The window in question was slightly larger than most, so the cellular tubes and roller both needed to be long. Motorizing a roller of any size isn’t difficult for us, fortunately, and the end result was a three-layer-thick cotton-lined shade with fully programmable opening and closing schedules.

Adrien Towne - Encinitas
Layered Shades in San Marcos | Blinds & Shades Oceanside, CA

Layered Shades

Customer Issue: The customer had some old blinds that were all but falling apart, and she decided to replace them with trendy layered shades.
Our Solution: Two windows required new coverings, and each of them got a double roller to accommodate the vertically opening layered shades. A pair of drawcords apiece now allow the Gothel family to adjust light levels or remove the coverings entirely at will.

Nadine Gothel - San Marcos
Commercial & Residential

Commercial & Residential

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Blinds, Shades & Beyond

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5 Years to Life

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Satisfaction Guarantee

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