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Roman Shades

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From sheer to opaque to pleated or flat, the amount of variety you have with Roman shades is astounding. Most window coverings can be customized via different designs, but Roman-style coverings clearly take the cake in terms of numbers. You've got all the options of regular roller shades, with added trimmings, gildings, and furnishings that combine with the folding action of Roman shades. This allows for a lot of variety, clearly, which means you can create something that perfectly matches and complements any room's interior décor.

The Unique Operation Of Roman Shades

Regular window shades simply roll up and down in order to cover the window and block or filter sunlight. But the way Roman shades do it is what separates them from the rest and makes them stand out. This type of window covering consists of slats of fabric separated by sewn-in rings that create the folded and stacked look when you pull the string or rope to raise the Roman shades. This gives us a lot of room for variety, as you can opt for more rigid or soft fixtures, or even wooden slats if you want. The more intricate build doesn't pose a hindrance, but rather opens the way for a lot more versatility of design.

A Timeless Option

Roman shades have been around for so long that it truly is a testament to their reliability and elegance. The variety (which we can't harp on enough) has something for everyone. From flat Roman shades that stack neatly and casually for an unassuming look, to elaborate pleated fabric designs that stand out even when the shades are fully or partly raised. You can easily create the atmosphere and ambiance you want using custom made Roman shades. They can also be great for commercial applications, helping you give your office a more dignified look, or improve the elegant vibe of your restaurant, or example. It's really hard to find a room in which adding Roman shades to the windows won't be a major improvement.

Motorized and Energy Saving

Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the other features that can make Roman shades such a wonderful décor enhancement. You've got your choice of fabrics, which means they can be as sheer or opaque as you want. Those who are looking for light filtering qualities or complete blackout can easily have something that suits those needs made. Motorized Roman shades are another great option. The unique folding and hanging of these coverings will look even more magical when automated. With Lutron and Somfy automatic shade motors and controls, you can completely automate your Roman-style window coverings. You have your choice of control methods, from WiFi to self-adjustment sensors. Heck, even voice commands are an option.

Transform Your Home Or Office Into Caesar's Palace

With custom made Roman shades, you can introduce a major décor enhancement to any part of your home or business. Learn about the different options and choose whichever design, color, and fabric that meet your taste and budget by contacting Blinds & Shades Oceanside for a free in-home consultation appointment.


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